Other Possible Explanations

  • – There have been many conferences and books published on the subject of psychological theories that have been discussed as a possible attempt to explain these alien abductions.  The most obvious is mental illnesses.
  • There has been documented cases of patients who suffer from schizophrenia who experience “vivid and frightening experiences about space aliens”.  (Barlow, 1995)
  • Stories that are inconsistent and incoherent, and are part of a whole range of strange and confusing thought patterns and behaviours that tend be reflections of there own lives.
  • However, abductees that are examined by psychologists are not diagnosed with schizophrenia or are deemed to be delusional.
  • Furthermore; “Psychiatric examinations and numerous psychological tests have failed to reveal forms of mental illnesses that could, conceivably explain the abduction phenomenon.  (Mack, 1994); According to psychiatrist John Mack – this explanation does not hold up, abductees from a psychiatric point of view, seem to be very normal individuals.
  • Fabrication; another possible explanation.  It’s theorized that these abductees live very boring lives and make up these stories for attention, publicity, and financial gain.
  • That could be possible for some, but the majority tend to come forward reluctantly, fearful of ridicule, and trying to avoid media attention.  As John Mack emphasizes, “the remarkable length that abductees go in order to protect there anonymity.”
  • Studies have also been done on abductees to see if they exhibit high levels of fantasy proneness personality (FPP).  In which an individual spends a lifelong deep and extensive involvement in fantasy.  also referred to as an “overactive imagination”, or “living in a dream world”.
  • People who exhibit the FPP disposition; may have difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality.  They may experience hallucinations.  Also, other close related psychological constructs are; daydreaming, absorption, and eidetic memory.
  • Daydreaming – a short term detachment from ones own reality is blurred and substituted by a visionary fantasy, usually involving happy and pleasant thoughts, hopes and ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and having experiences while awake – one a more less common factor, sometimes there has been accounts of daydreaming in a negative way which involves laziness or danger.  Psychologists refer to all forms of daydreaming as a mild-detachment.
  • Absorption – An individual becomes absorbed in his or her own mental imagery.  Absorption can cause both positive and negative emotions.  Also, altered states of consciousness; where there is an experience of focused attention, “objects of absorbed attention acquire an importance and intimacy that are normally reserved for the self and may, therefore, acquire a temporary self-like quality”.
  • Eidetic memory is the ability to recall images in great detail for several minutes;  Like other memories, they are often subjected unintentional alterations.
  • Sleep paralysis is a common neurophysiological explanation. During pre-waking and pre-sleeping states, also referred to as hypnogogic (before falling asleep) and hypnopompic (after waking), a person “may feel paralyzed for a very short time. She might have vivid ‘dreams’ in those moments that take on the shape of reality.” (Jacobs, 1992)
  • One of the most bizarre explanations for the abduction phenomenon is the idea that they stem from a collective unconscious, or cumulative memory, which “embodies certain archetypal memories that are inherent in all human minds.” (Jacobs, 1992)
  • Carl Jung addressed the issue of UFO sightings from this perspective in his book Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky, published in 1959. He wondered whether UFOs might not be “materialized psychism – actual physical or paraphysical objects created by the collective unconscious.”
  • There are many psychological possibilities including; fantasies of hysterical individuals, dramatic confabulations from Borderline Personality Disorders, dissociative episodes as with Multiple Personalities, attention-seeking antics of sociopathic characters, intricately-woven psychodynamics of those traumatized in childhood, and the space-age delusions of insecure individuals, influenced by extraterrestrial themes and speculations in all of the media
  •  It has already been documented that hypnotic trance can unintentionally produce false recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse.  Thus, a hypnotist working with some people may unwittingly guide them into developing “memories” of an alien abduction. These “recovered” memories seem as real as memories of an actual event.
  • In essence, the people most likely to believe they were abducted by aliens are those who are predisposed to favor paranormal over scientific explanations. Without conscious awareness they apply their interest in and exposure to stories of extraterrestrials to provide a complex explanation to what most people accept as a normal altered state of consciousness
  • They often have physical and/or emotional symptoms for which they don’t seek common explanations. Some may “recover” memories of being abducted through hypnosis or other forms of guided imagery.   The belief in abduction then tends to become sealed in stone when it fills an otherwise spiritual void.
  • Scientists at NASA say that if there is going to be life on other planets it most likely is going to be microbial life, or bacteria.  The SETI planet finder is scanning the universe looking for radio signals from extraterrestrials, or looking for planets that could house alien life.  But so far there has not been evidence to suggest either but NASA is hoping to discover such things.
  • http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc342.htm
  • http://psychminder.com/2011/11/10/alien-abduction/

All of these points are very powerful in pointing to other possible explanations.  This could for sure account for most people who claim to be abducted.  Then if this is about the human mind, then it is possible because what do we know of the human mind?  There is a lot we don’t know as for as the psychology and as well as evolution of humans in that sense are mysterious.  The psychological aspects of how the human mind works, differs from person to person, there are so many traits and disorders out there that can serve as possibilities to alien abductions.  If it is possible that the brain can manifest a scenario that is so real, that it can make someone think there actually being taken aboard a space craft.  It would be very startling.  Or maybe there are natural phenomena’s on earth that science has yet to discover or can’t perceive.  This could very well be the case for most abductees.  But I feel that more information and scientific study is needed to understand these other possibilities.  It is hard to interpret how someone came to be to cause them to claim that they were abducted, some degree of psychosis must have been involved.  But as far as what is causing this abduction hysteria, we really don’t know.


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