Abduction Phenomenon

The term ‘alien abduction’ or ‘abduction phenomenon’ describing real memories of being taken secretly against a person’s own will by non-human entities where they are subjected to complicated physical and psychological procedures.  ‘real’ versus ‘imaginary’. Believer (B) versus skeptic (S).

(S) – Many psychologist and scientists have published books in an attempt to explain alien abductions, they mainly point to the fact that the abductees imagine these abductions predominantly due to mental illnesses.
(B) – Psychologists on the other hand; who have actually examined abductees say that there is no evidence of any possible psychological disorder that could be conceived the abductees are very normal people.

(S) – It is theorized that many abductees fabricate their abduction claims because they lead very boring lives and make up these stories for attention, publicity, and financial gain.
(B) – That could be possible for some, but the majority tend to come forward reluctantly, fearful of ridicule, and trying to avoid media attention. Fabrication has proved to not be an explanation for the majority of the cases.

(B) – The extraterrestrial hypothesis is a real occurring phenomenon where aliens are abducting humans and we have not detected them yet because there technology is so advanced.
Skeptics produce many complex hypothesis’ to explain these occurrences without the need to ever use occkams razor, or the non-parsimonious concepts; like extraterrestrial life forms. These hypothesis’ usually center around known psychological processes that can produce experiences that are very similar to those that are reported in alien abduction cases.

(S) – Alien abductees and believers tend to be predisposed to favor paranormal explanations over scientific explanations.
(B) – Skeptics tend to be predisposed to examine abduction cases for evidence of hoaxing or influence from popular culture sources such as science fiction.

(S) – Mainstream science holds to the idea that alien abduction phenomena is deeply rooted into the human psychology, neurology and culture.
(B) – Abductees, the general public, conspiracy theorists hold to the idea that alien abductions are current happening events that were aliens are abducting humans against there will.

(S) – Mainstream science holds to fact that there is no physical proof.
(B) – Believers point to evidence like; cow mutilations, sightings of Unidentified-flying-objects, abduction hypnosis, crop circles, accounts of alien implants They will say the evidence is there but science will only believe what they choose to believe.

(B) – The abductees claim to have a time of ‘memory loss’ and sometimes they awake in a different part of the house, or even outside in the backyard with all the doors locked in the house. They also will account of visually seeing aliens appearing in the room, and even being lifted into the air.
(S) – Skeptics will account for this ‘time loss’ as sleep paralysis where individuals can produce hallucinations, and even feelings of levitation. Sleep walking can also be the cause of the individual appearing in a different part of the house.

(B) – Believers call it ‘alien abduction’
(S) – Skeptics call it ‘abduction phenomena’

(B) – What do we know of Outer Space?
(S) – What do we know of the Human Mind?

The problem solving principle of Occkam’s razor; states, “In competing hypothesis’, the one with the fewest assumptions should always be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but in the absence of certainty – the fewer assumptions that are made the better.”

I believe that mainstream science has too many theories and hypothesis’, but for the believers and abductees there is only one theory. Science has still yet to provide evidence to truly say that alien abductions are not occurring, then how can they say it does. The same can be looked at the other way around. To me I would have to go with Occkam’s razor. The one with the least amount of theories makes more sense to me, because how can one know if alien abductions are real or fake? If someone truly experienced it, then they would know of have an idea as to what they experienced. The skeptics come up with all these complex theories of trying to interpret someone else’s experiences, but none about the actual abductions themselves, and whether aliens really are visiting earth.

On the other hand, there is only one theory for the believers, and countless theories for the skeptics. To say that alien abductions are happening or not happening is hard to prove otherwise. In this tangled arena; it might comes down to how many believers compared to how many skeptics are out there as for as whose going to win these arguments; Mainstream science versus pseudoscience?

The skeptic’s viewpoint is that the believers and abductees are influenced by the ‘alien abduction’ culture, and are predisposed to think in paranormal explanations over scientific explanations. On the flip side; the same can be said for the skeptics. That they were influenced by that same ‘alien abduction’ culture but in the opposing factor that they are predisposed to think in scientific explanations over paranormal explanations. So in a culture of ‘alien abductions’ which side are you on?

But one thing that can’t be ignored is the vastness of space and how little we know about it. We might have no idea what could be out there. If life can appear on our planet why would it not appear on the other millions some odd planets in the solar system. You never know what could be out there watching us, and be aware of our existence. If there is an intelligent race out there with that technology to travel across light-years of space, like; Einsteins’ theory of relativity. Maybe they have come to earth, to perform medical experiments for what purpose? To extract genetic and biological information from us? If they did, then what would they be doing with it?. On the other hand, the complexity of the human mind is mysterious, and there is a lot that is not known about it. The fact we only use 10 percent of our brain at a time? What if we use more? What if certain experiences can trigger things in our mind that can cause us to experience a hallucination so powerful like being abducted by aliens?



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